Ordering & Shipping

Ordering Online

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express & PayPal.

Ordering by Mail

We accept personal cheques and money orders by mail. Print this form; once completed you can send it to:

The Petunia Garden
20 Feather Reed Way
Brampton ON L6R 3A3

Shipping Locations

We ship internationally and have customers from Canada to England to South Africa to New Zealand.  We are able to ship to Australia (with a bit of extra paperwork) and our seeds are safe and clear to ship to every country. Petunia flowers are non-invasive and safe to grow around the globe.

Shipping Charges & Delivery

A flat rate is charged for all orders and we offer free shipping on orders totalling over $50.

Air Mail (3 – 10 day delivery)
Canada & United States  – $4.50
International – $6.50

Expedited Mail (2 – 5 day delivery)
Canada & United States  – $15.50
International – Please contact us to obtain a rate